Reading Room Rules

Reading Room Rules of theRegional Church Archive
of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria


 The following Reading Room Rules are issued subsequent to § 2 of the Archive Use and Charges Rules of 17th February 2004 (KABl 4/2004, p. 75 ff.):

  I. Signing in

Anyone who wants to work in the LAELKB is obliged to sign in with the Reading Room supervisory staff and to make a user request for each topic (with unchanging topics, one repeat request every other calendar year) at the beginning of every research.

 II. Conduct in the Reading Room

 1. Outer garments and bags of any kind (including laptop bags) are to be deposited in the cloakroom lockers/deposit boxes. Deposit box keys are available from the Reading Room staff. The Archive accepts no liability whatsoever for the cloakroom and items kept in the deposit boxes.  Deposit box keys must be returned on a daily basis when leaving the building. You are asked to put wet umbrellas in the umbrella stands in the foyer.

 2. No animals of any kind may be brought into the Archive.

 3. Smoking is forbidden throughout the building and on the terrace. Users can smoke on the platform outside the main entrance, where there is an ashtray.

 4. Eating and/or drinking is not permitted in the Reading Room (this includes sweets and chewing gum).

 5. No conversation is allowed in the Reading Room.

 6. Please request the Archive items and/or books you require (beyond the Reference Library) using the order form. They are withdrawn at the usual times. Generally not more than twenty Archive items/books per person per day may be withdrawn and not more than five Archive items/books presented at the same time. Exceptions can be granted only by the archive director.

7. The Archive items and books must be handled with the utmost care:

a)    Pages must be turned carefully.

b)    Fingers must not be moistened when doing so.

c)    The arrangement of the Archive material (the sequence of the individual products) must not be altered.

d)    Any damage detected must be reported to the Reading Room supervisory staff immediately.

e)    Only pencils or electrical equipment may be used for writing.

f)     Cotton gloves must be worn when handling sensitive Archive material or books. The gloves are available from the Reading Room staff. If library material is used, Reading Room staff decides if gloves must be worn.

8. Reproductions from Archive items and older books must be ordered in writing using a form; Archive staff performs the reproductions. Please make sure to return the form an hour before closing time at the latest. To a limited extend it is also possible to create reproductions of archive and library material for private purposes with your own camera.
All copyright based rights to use reproductions of archive and library items belong to the LAELKB.

9. Print-outs of church register digital reproductions and copies from books of the 20th/21st century can be made by users only at the following times and paid for at reception:

Monday to Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Friday 9 a.m. to noon

III. Returning Archive items and books; signing out

At the end of a visit to the Archive, all documents used must be returned to the Reading Room staff. Archive items and books may be kept back for further use for up to two weeks upon request. You are asked to sign off with the Reading Room supervisory staff before leaving the Archive.

IV. Instructions

The instructions of the Archive staff on duty in the Reading Room must be followed.

V. Entry into force

These Reading Room Rules come into effect on 1st January 2017.


Nuremberg, 19th December 2016 


Dr. Andrea Schwarz

Church Archive Director